Organization: Boston Children's Hospital with Neuromotion-Labs
Grant: RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship
Featured: Our RISD, RISD Board of Trustees Meeting
I conducted in-depth “drawing” interviews with 50+ Psychiatry patients and 10+ mental health professionals to understand child motivation and representation. Designed and illustrated engaging game assets for Neuromotion-Labs, a start-up program dedicated to using biofeedback technology and games to teach children emotional regulation skills. Awarded this opportunity through RISD’s Maharam STEAM Fellowship.
Read more about my experience on the RISD Maharam Blog:
Entry 1: "I'm like an astronaut who's spent a lot of time in space but is still pondering the wonders of the universe"
Entry 2: What is a Biofeedback/Bioresponsive Game?
Entry 3: Searching for Meaning in their Faces: More Interviews, The Inpatient Unit, and A Little Green Notebook
Entry 4: The Final Stretch
More info coming soon!

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