El Punto Educational Activities (2021)
In collaboration with North Shore Community Development Coalition, Punto Urban Arts Museum (PUAM), and the Salem Public Schools, I developed simple educational "treasure hunts" that invite children to explore El Punto's historic neighborhood in Salem, Massachusetts. This idea manifested from conversations and brainstorming sessions I had with two school teachers — Ms. Tuttle and Ms Covello —  from Saltonstall Elementary and Horace Mann Laboratory School.
The activity comes in the form of a letter-sized sheet that can fold into a small booklet.
Students can learn more about each mural and business during an official PUAM tour or on the PUAM website. 
The public art treasure hunt showcases community-inspired murals in The Punto Urban Arts Museum's portfolio. I wrote haikus to serve as clues to identify the artwork and share a window into its concept and inspiration.
Murals include:
"Katherine" by Paola Delfin
"The Farmer" by Ruben Ubiera
"Anacaona" by Ruben Ubiera
"Community Mural" by Salem High School and John Ewing
"Colorín Colorado" by Silvia Lopez Chavez
"El Espiritu De Ella" by Andy Bellomo

(Clockwise from top left) Katherine by Paola Delfin, The Farmer by Ruben Ubiera, Anacaona by Ruben Ubiera, Community Mural by Salem High School and John Ewing, Colorín Colorado by Silvia Lopez Chavez, El Espiritu De Ella by Andy Bellomo

The small business treasure hunt encourages young people to visit new and veteran shops in the neighborhood. The accompanying haikus serve as clues to identify each spot and reveal a bit of the businesses' backgrounds.
Shops include:
Los Amigos Market
Adea's Mediterranean Kitchen
Care Beauty Supply
Erika's Beauty Salon
Spitfire Tacos
Glitterati Prom Salem

(Clockwise from top left) Los Amigos Market, Adea's Mediterranean Kitchen, Care Beauty Supply, Erika's Beauty Salon, Spitfire Tacos, Glitterati Prom Salem

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