Visual Designer 2016-2019
Select projects completed for Mightier, a start-up company that uses gameplay to help kids build emotional regulations. I was responsible for creating visual assets and providing creative direction for digital and print materials.

Analog bingo game to encourage families to collaborate on their shared Mightier journey.

2) Illustrations to tell the story of a family' journey with Mightier.  View here.

Timeline of Mightier's progress from its roots at the Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School to becoming a publicly available product for families everywhere.

An animation "Robert's Mighty Moment" using an interview with I facilitated with one of Mightier's long time users.

Postcard illustrations for kids who play Mightier.

Instagram GIF advertisement

Social media ads and templates

I supported the design and development of a visual "Personas" project. In collaboration with the staff's social worker and family therapy experts, we collected stories from various Mightier users as a way to highlight key family types who use the product and build empathy among Mightier staff. I illustrated and typeset a small booklet for internal use. 

Illustrations created for the Parent Coaches' Occupational Therapy Handbook for parents. The book shares various calming techniques and O.T. advice that are accessible for children.

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