April 11th, 2020
Been thinking about “social distancing” as a term and how I really don’t feel very emotionally distant from the catastrophic impacts of the crisis. In fact, I’m feeling overwhelmed and uncertain most days analogous to how the rest of the world feels, of course, on a case-by-case basis— the level of uncertainty and discomfort varies by circumstance and privilege so I’m wary of making a comparison to others as I feel very fortunate for things I still have. 
Though we’re shutting ourselves “physically” away from the outside, the worry, confusion, pain, and helplessness of others are overwhelmingly close— and this weighs on top if our own aching minds. Is this really social-distancing when you feel the emotional clinging from strangers, loved ones, and your own psyche? Nothing in this global struggle feels “distant”— I bemoan each exponential growth, I hear each paranoid cough, I sympathize each new normal, I swallow each story, and I taste each tear—for it’s also mine.
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