Select digital illustrations created with Ciampa Creative in Boston, MA.
Corporate Accountability 2023 Annual Report
Icons and illustrations designed for Corporate Accountability's 2023 annual report. Corporate Accountability stops transnational corporations from devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying our planet.
Co-designed with Amelia Oon. Read the full report here.
Graphic for RIZEMA
Graphic for RIZEMA
Graphic for RIZEMA
Graphic for RIZEMA
RIZE MA Frameworks for Change
RIZE’s goal is to ensure that people suffering from substance use disorder have access to care and experience better quality of life and overall health.  I designed graphics for their 'Frameworks for Change' model to help illustrate the interconnected nature of peoples’ basic needs and the ecosystems of support.
Camp Harbor View 2023 Holiday Card
A holiday card designed for Camp Harbor View for their social media and newsletter.
Camp Harbor View Map
A map for showing the major programs, buildings, and structures on Long Island.
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